Womens Boots Fascination

Womens Boots Fascination

Women’s boots have always held a fascination with people and not just for their fashion appeal. Boots often take prominence in movies, and Julia Roberts became even more famous with her sexy thigh-high, patent leather pair in “Pretty Woman.”

Moviegoers in 1990 were captivated by her beauty and role as a hooker called “Vivian.” She had on a platinum bob wig, a blue and white cut-out mini and those naughty womens boots Richard Gere played wealthy businessman “Edward” and fell hard for Vivian after hiring her to keep him company over the weekend.

Even the big movie posters featured Julia Roberts posing with Richard Gere, and she’s wearing the black, thigh-high women’s boots.

Famous celebrities also enjoy wearing women’s boots in real life and not just for their roles in movies. For instance, actress Mila Kunis put on a sleek pair of red thigh-high boots for her appearance on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” She paired the look with a white shirtdress and wowed the TV audience.

Then, there was singer Kelly Rowland who also chose a red pair of thigh-highs at the InStyle Awards. The former Destiny’s Child talent rocked a sleeveless, white lace gown that was sheer from the thighs downward. The red boots with stiletto heels showed off her glamorous edge and long legs.

Women’s boots do not have to be only thigh-high to get attention. Iconic model Christie Brinkley has always been a boots kind of girl and owns a variety of pairs in lots of colors. She, too, likes her black suede thigh-highs paired with skinny jeans and minis, but she also dons cute cowboy boots, lace-up combat boots and ankle booties and always looks super chic and ageless at 64.

Another star who’s into womens boots Brand House Direct https://www.brandhousedirect.com.au/ is fashion goddess, Rihanna. The singer enjoys switching it up when it comes to fashion and trends. On and off the red carpet, the superstar leaves her stylish footprint behind.

Rihanna wears rugged boys’ Timberland boots when she’s feeling casual. She also shows off women’s boots in a variety of styles that feature thigh-highs, scrunch style, open-toe, calf-length, feather, python, patent leather, suede, lace-ups by Gucci, and the list goes on.

Some of the shades of boots Rihanna likes are black, red, bright green, graphic black and white, orange, royal blue and silver sparkles.

Boots for women will never go out of style. It’s fun and fabulous footwear that adds depth and interest to any ensemble for women of every shape and height.

Choosing Comfortable Heels Brand House Direct

Choosing Comfortable Heels Brand House Direct


There’s always one thing you’ll be sure to find in a woman’s wardrobe and that’s high heels from Brand House Direct. Some tend to have more than others that come in a variety of colors and styles. Finding a comfortable pair of high heels is a must for women who utilize this type of shoe on a regular basis.

The first tip we have for you when shopping for high heels from Brand House Direct is to do so towards the end of the day. Any woman that has worn high heels for any amount of time knows that they can put a lot of strain on your feet. This training causes your feet to swell to a slightly bigger size. In fact, regular sneakers worn for hours on end will have the same effect on your feet. This is why it’s important that you try on potential high heels from Brand House Direct towards the end of the day when your feet are in that swollen state. This will ensure that your feet will fit in the confines of your new high heels throughout the entire day.

We can’t say this enough, but sizes are different depending on the manufacturer. You may be a size eight in one brand and a size seven and a half in another brand. You should let the size of your old high heels be a guiding point on where to start for your new shoes. Therefore, if you have a pair of heels that are a size eight that you have worn out, then it’s a good idea to start with a size eight in a new heel that you’re looking at from Brand House Direct. However, if you try on the size eight and it’s too big, then drop down to a size seven and a half. There’s no need to freak out about the size of your shoe. Just find one that leaves you about a quarter of an inch to a half of an inch at the end of your toe for breathing room.

When it comes to finding the perfect high heels from Brand House Direct you have to take into account the style you want. There are various toe arrangements that you should be aware of. These are pointy toes, round toes, and deeper toe box. Each provides it’s own benefits and comfort level for the wearer of the shoe. Round toes, also referred to as almond toes, give your toes much more room than pointy heels. Pointy heels provide that slightly rounded look at the end that portrays a classy look. The deeper toe box gives the most room for your foot. These are best for those with wide feet.

Buying new high heels from Brand House Direct can be a fun endeavor. However, getting a comfortable pair of heels all starts with knowing what to look for. By using the tips outlined above, you’ll be sure to find yourself a good, comfortable pair of high heels to wear.

Steel Cap Boots Last a Lifetime

Steel Caps Boots; Boots that Last a Life Time

Steel caps boots are the best boots for individuals. They are very rewarding because they are durable. They are made in different models in order to meet the needs of the clients. Companies that manufacture these boots make them in various shapes and sizes. They come in various colors in order to meet the needs of every consumer. Below is a list of the uses of steel caps boots.

1. They are used in various careers
Some careers expose people to danger when they work. The job requires employers to give employees equipment that makes them safe. Steel caps boots are among the safety measures that are taken by such companies to ensure the safety of employees. This is because they are hard to wear and tear. There are different types of boots that are made from various materials. Boots that have high-quality material are the best for use. Companies advise their employees to put on these boots in order to avoid wearing and tearing while working.

2. They are used in various climatic condition
The climatic conditions that are exposed to a person decide the type of steel caps boots that a person chooses. A person who works at night is likely to prefer black ones in order to increase the warmth. The same goes for an individual who works in cold areas. These boots are usually worn by people who live in places that experience winter. The army mostly uses them when going to war. Steel caps boots do not expose a person to any dangerous animal in those areas. They are also comfortable because they absorb sweat.

3. Some are used for official purposes
Some of the boots are made professionally. This makes them applicable for people who want to show elegance and are in official meetings. These shoes are the best for individuals who are in a busy environment.

4. Some are sports wear
The sportswear of these shoes is the best because they are long lasting. Some sports men use them because they are comfortable. They prevent them from sweating, and they have an easy time engaging in sports. People should embrace these shoes in order to enjoy the benefits.

Steel caps boots are the best. They have various benefits. They serve the need of the clients. This makes them attractive. The boots are produced to meet both the needs of local people and also professional companies. Steel caps boots are the safest shoes because they do not expose the person to any damage. They have a proven track record and have recommendations from different institutions to be used as a resource. Steel caps boots have this as a competitive advantage in the industry. They can be bought from the stalls and distributors. They can also be purchased online from websites and over the internet. Consumers should be keen to buy products that meet their needs and serve them with extra benefits like Steel Cap Boots From Brand House Direct.

Steel Cap Boots

Steel Cap Boots are One of Your Most Important Fashion Choices

For workers in many industries, and even for people seeking foot protection for private use, steel cap boots are an important safety resource. Depending on where you work, they may even be required by OSHA and your employer. If you work in an industry where you are exposed to hazards such as falling objects, electrical hazards, or sharp objects that can pierce your foot it is crucial to invest in steel cap boots to protect your feet.

Why steel cap boots are important

While steel toe boots are associated with protecting your feet from falling objects, they can protect from a variety of other hazards as well. Steel Cap Boots often have high tops to protect you from sprained ankles. They can protect your feet from being crushed, punctured, cut or burned. If protecting your well-being isn’t enough, if OSHA requires steel cap boots your employer can send you home for not wearing them. Injuries on the job can be very serious, and often easily prevented by proper safety equipment. Work injuries not only put you out of work for a long time, they are costly to your company. Lingering complications due to a preventable injury to your foot could affect you for the rest of your life.

How to choose steel cap boots

You may be concerned that you won’t be able to find steel cap boots that are comfortable, which is a valid concern since it is likely you’ll be wearing them for long periods of time at work. However, it isn’t hard to find a pair that are comfortable since they come in a variety of styles. They can even provide additional support which makes them more comfortable if you need to stand for a long period of time. Wearing socks that are designed to be worn with steel toe boots will also enhance the comfort. Making sure your boots are the proper size for your feet will also ensure your comfort.

You may even be surprised by the range of styles of shoes with steel caps. Some might not even look like steel cap boots at all, while still giving the protection of steel caps. There are shoes designed for women, dress shoes, and even sneakers. There are steel cap boots designed for a variety of workplace settings. Slip resistant soles are available in scenarios such as in kitchens, where falls due to a slippery floor are common. Other designs are tall and water resistant so that your feet won’t get wet if you are working in damp conditions. Keeping your feet dry is especially important for protecting against electrical hazards.

Why to buy steel cap boots today at Brand House Direct

Whether you need them for work, or could benefit from them at home, steel cap boots are a valuable investment. They are built to last, and you can choose from a variety of brands and styles in stores and online. Don’t put off the protection that your feet desperately need.

Benefits of Buying Women’s Shoes Online

Four Benefits of Buying Women’s Shoes Online

Women love being able to find the perfect pair of shoes. However, nothing can ruin that buying mood faster than pushy salespeople. It’s no wonder that many people prefer to find women’s shoes online rather than at a store. The invention of the internet has changed the way many people live their lives. In many ways, the internet has made shopping a much easier experience. In this post, you will learn the benefits of finding women’s shoes online.

No Driving All Over Town
One major inconvenience is finding the right shoe store. You don’t want to spend an entire day driving around in traffic. Making matter worse, what if you arrive only to find your shoes have been sold? Purchasing women’s shoes online means no wasting gas by driving around all day. Those without a vehicle may find having shoes delivered to them is a much more convenient option than finding a ride into town.

No Having to Deal with Pushy Salespeople
Sometimes, a salesperson can ruin a shopping experience. Don’t find yourself at the mercy of a salesperson trying to earn more commission. Shopping for Womens Shoes at BHD helps you avoid coming into contact with annoying salespeople entirely. In some cases, a salesperson could try and push only the more expensive brands. You could also find yourself pressured to buy additional items that you don’t really need. Finding women’s shoes online puts you, the purchaser, in control of the buying experience.

Shoes Shipped Right to Your Door
Imagine waking up in the morning to find a box at your door. After taking the box inside, you find a brand new pair of shoes, all while staying comfortable in your pajamas. The convenience of buying women’s shoes online means never having to pick them up at a store. Instead, the shoes come to you shipped safely within a box. In many cases, fast shipping times means never having to wait too long to receive your shoes.

No Paying the Sometimes Expensive Retail Markup
The online world has changed the way companies do business. It is common to find much better deals when purchasing women’s shoes online. You could find special coupon codes that wouldn’t have been applicable when visiting a store in person. Many online shoe stores will have special deals section for the avid bargain hunter.

In summary, there are several benefits to purchasing women’s shoes online. Not having to deal with traffic and fueling up is a major benefit to online shopping. Skipping the store means not having to deal with often obnoxious and pushy salespeople. You won’t have to dress up to find women’s shoes online. These shoes will be shipped to your residence, all while you stay in the comfort and privacy of your home. After seeing these benefits, it’s easy to understand why so many are choosing to find their shoes solely online.

Hush Puppies Tirra Womens Fashion Ballet Flats

How Mary Jane Shoes Became Popular

Here’s How Mary Jane Shoes Became Popular in the Early 1900s

Richard Felton Outcault, usually shortened to R. F. Outcault, is considered the father of the modern day comic strip, which are often featured in Sunday newspapers. He created a comic strip named Buster Brown in 1902, which soon became popular in the eyes of many readers in the United States. Along with Buster himself, the next-most popular character in the early comic strip was named Mary Jane.

Both Buster Brown and Mary Jane wore the same style of shoes — which would later earn their trade mark name, Mary Jane shoes — in each edition of the comic strip. It was characterized by closed toes, the absence of modern-day tennis shoes’ tongue, and a strap around the front of the ankle.

Two years after R. F. Outcault came up with the idea for Buster Brown, he received outpourings of support in the name of modern-day Mary Jane shoes. Realizing that newspapers only made so much money for their owners, publishers, animators, and writers, Mr. Outcault decided to take his idea for the shoes to market. Outcault went to the Saint Louis, Missouri, World’s Fair, at the time one of North America’s largest annual attractions. As technology was near-primitive at the time, with computers nowhere near to be seen, people were unable to exchange ideas readily with the world, as facilitated by the Internet and its connected devices in today’s society.

As such, businesspeople, journalists, and other people who wanted to “keep up with the times” — which was actually yet to be coined at the time, way back in 1904 — attended the World’s Fair to learn of new developments. It was here, at the 1904 Saint Louis World’s Fair, that Mr. Outcault sold rights he owned to the shoes his Buster Brown characters wore, distributing these licenses to 200 interested parties.

Companies who purchased the rights to create BHD Mary Jane Shoes rapidly began designing, producing, and selling these shoes to audiences around the world. They quickly became a hit, worn by adult and juvenile men andwomen. An entire family would sometimes all wear pairs of Mary Jane shoes. One reason they stuck around as a consumer staple, transcending race, sex, and age, was because trends were not as popular then as they are now, people refusing to hop aboard the latest hits.

Mary Jane shoes became most popular to adult women in the early 1920s, still being worn by all ages and genders. Shortly after the decade ended, males stopped wearing Mary Jane shoes. They were represented in motion pictures as shoes for women, one instance of which was famous female actor Shirley Temple’s wearing of Mary Jane shoes in 1934 flick Baby, Take a Bow.

Adults in general stopped wearing them during the 1940s. Children continued to wear them and still do in 2017. Mary Jane shoes are often reserved for young girls dressing for formal settings, including wedding ceremonies, Sunday church, and funerals.

Podiatry Tasmania

What is a Podiatrist?

mobilisationPodiatrists are health professionals specialising in the prevention, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of disorders of the foot and the lower limb. The Podiatrist’s scope of practice includes areas such as paediatrics, diabetes, sports injuries, structural problems, the treatment of the elderly as well as general foot care.

Common conditions a podiatrist would treat include bone and joint disorders, muscular, neurological and circulatory complaints, skin and nail disorders, corns, calluses, ingrown toenails and sporting injuries.

The Australian Podiatry Association (Tasmania) is the professional association for Tasmanian Registered Podiatrists. On behalf of its members, the Association represents the profession to Government, community and other professional bodies, as well as acting as a contact point for the public.

We are affiliated to the Australasian Podiatry Council (A Pod C) that is the National peak body representing all States, Territories and New Zealand. All members have an opportunity to advance the profession with involvement in the State and National Councils.

Association membership is open to all Tasmanian State Registered Podiatrists, members practice under a strict code of ethics and comply with compulsory guidelines for Infection Control procedures.